Framing At The Studio

Framing At The Studio

I’ve been so busy with a number of private and confidential commissions to undertake, and subsequent framing. It has been fun! They are now in the post or being stored for later delivery!

Many of the pieces have been surprise gifts for their loved ones and so there’s an air of excitement about the final exchange! Not only that but the subject matter has been really close to my clients’ hearts which is always lovely.

It started off with a spate of photoshoots of the subjects, and then choosing the reference material from that. The I worked up the designs in the studio based on the consultation process for composition and purpose that I undertake with the client.

Cue this week and lots of framing in the studio! Framing really does let the work shine through and I am really pleased that so many clients have chosen this option. The natural colours and the rectangular shape of the frame accentuates the colours and the organic shapes of the artwork. There are a few ‘rules’ to get it right though…

When I frame a piece I always like to include a mount at least 2 inches wide. I can’t imagine framing an artwork without one as it lets the image breathe, offering clean space away from the frame itself. This is especially important if the frame and attaching wall are quite different colours, because otherwise the image will not be a main feature, rather the frame will.

I often recommend that the frame is either white, gold or beige because these all enhance the piece by adding warmth (white is not a warm colour although attributed to light) and space (light colours help give add a sense of volume). Dark frames such as dark walnut or black can work, especially for more stylised images with a lot of dark colour or chiaroscuro, and pieces larger than A3, but are rather more dramatic and can take the limelight away from your artwork.

To make your piece really zing in the frame, most importantly you must consider the space that you’re creating the piece for. For more on this, see my next news piece.

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