The world of business is changing more rapidly than ever before. Businesses are looking for new human factors to enhance innovation and competitive edge. Something that has been indicated by the advent of new C-Suite roles, which are gaining momentum in businesses across the world.

Essentially, the traditional set-up of – Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations – is being superseded by a new more lateral-thinking set of skills at executive levels. Businesses have identified their requirement to prioritise innovation, creativity and constant reinvention to optimise business process and output. Here are some of the business positions of the future:

Chief Culture Officer (As seen in HuffPost)

Such as at Google ( since2006), Netflix, Southwest Airlines

Organisational Behaviour has long been a key learning at Business school – the idea of how to maximise your staff, organise your teams, get the most out of the group and create a happy successful workforce. But never has there been a COBO. Enter the CCO! Let’s face it, Organisational Culture is the invisible force that determines happiness, retention and innovation. So this person needs to understand the company,and the people within, acting like the social and cultural glue that intangibly links all individuals and departments together.

Chief ReInvention Officer (As coined by Nadya Zemba)

Companies continually – and increasingly – need to innovate, even reinvent themselves, as we have increasingly seen with large incumbents who use their way to younger more agile startups. Or worse, disastrous business decisions or financially critical disaster. Think British Airways, Samsung, Marks & Spencer. As Nadya says, the concept of ‘reinvention allows you to transform unexpected challenges into opportunities, riding the waves of change rather than being crushed by them.’

Chief Experience Officer (As seen in Huff Post)

The digital world has completely turned business on its head. Most obviously in marketing function, where no longer the premise of creatives, but a mix of creative, analytics, technological and strategic minds are required. digital marketing has transformed the understanding of ROI on creative campaigns, and has unravelled the notion of customer service. Not only that but customers can critique companies in any number of ways 24/7 and this can be tragic for companies. This role recognises the importance of the lifetime value of the customers – and integrating the whole journey that that customer takes with you, be it product, brand or service.

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