Travel Tip: Why You Should Go To The Seville Art Museum

September 8, 2017THE ART WORLD, Travel Tips

Now I love art history and I can tolerate the driest of history programmes (much to Tom’s boredom) but even I find art museums can often be hit-and-miss. Fortunately for us both (poor Tom) every aspect of this museum surpassed expectations. Firstly, the building is a masterpiece  and pays homage to the region’s Moorish, Visigoth, … Read More

Natural Disaster And Culture: Wishes To The Caribbean…and Florida

September 7, 2017Comment, THE ART WORLD, Travel Tips

All My Very Best Wishes To The Caribbean…and Florida: The week’s devastating weather events have got me to thinking about the Caribbean, Hurricane Irma and their cultural heritage. Having had close friends live through Hurricane Katrina, I completely understand the devastation and life-altering change that natural disaster brings about. With 16 million people in the … Read More