Art On The High Street: Why We Should Encourage It

September 12, 2017Comment, THE ART WORLD

Purchasing original art has never been more accessible. From the 1980’s when Pullman editions and Athena made buying art posters  more mainstream through high street accessibility, reproduction and pricing structures, we now have Whitewall Galleries, Artique, Castle Galleries and the like dotting our high streets doing the same for original art. How far we have come … Read More

Natural Disaster And Culture: Wishes To The Caribbean…and Florida

September 7, 2017Comment, THE ART WORLD, Travel Tips

All My Very Best Wishes To The Caribbean…and Florida: The week’s devastating weather events have got me to thinking about the Caribbean, Hurricane Irma and their cultural heritage. Having had close friends live through Hurricane Katrina, I completely understand the devastation and life-altering change that natural disaster brings about. With 16 million people in the … Read More

Artists: A Lesson To Believe In Your Project

September 3, 2017Comment, THE ART WORLD

Today I read about a fantastic and prominent contemporary Australian artist, Laura, who was trolled online by another artist who accused her of plagiarising her art. Talk about handbags online. Laura was really upset as it ruined her (first and) latest solo exhibition in Australia. It was the exhibition of her life and now, after … Read More