Science Complements Art In Nature’s Factory

September 24, 2017CREATIVITY

Science complements Art in in nature at Kew Gardens installation ‘The Hive’. This immersive experience for humans highlights the magnificent life of bees, in a feat of engineering and sensory activity all surrounded by a beautiful wildflower meadow. While bees are doing their natural thing in their hive, away from human disturbance in Richmond’s Kew Gardens, little … Read More

Creativity In The New C-Suite

September 22, 2017DESIGN

The world of business is changing more rapidly than ever before. Businesses are looking for new human factors to enhance innovation and competitive edge. Something that has been indicated by the advent of new C-Suite roles, which are gaining momentum in businesses across the world. Essentially, the traditional set-up of – Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, … Read More

Optimise Your Creative Thinking!

September 21, 2017CREATIVITY

Steve Jobs said that creativity and creative thinking comes from people being able to make new connections where one hasn’t been found before. Why some people think more creatively than others Our minds work in different ways. Some are more linear and process-driven, others are more naturally creative and think more laterally.Now here is this … Read More

‘Cheetah Launch Pad’ by Hamish Mackie

September 18, 2017Art Of The Week, THE ART WORLD

Kew Gardens – what a treat. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’d see the odd moorhen, Canada goose, duck and squirrels as is standard with British parks these days. Instead you will be confronted with some of the world’s most celebrated predators – right by the walkway no less. But fear not: these fearsome creatures … Read More

Optimise Innovation In Your Business Team

September 18, 2017DESIGN

In the 80’s and 90’s, businesses hired certain types of people depending on the industry. Whether Accountancy, Legal firms, or FMCG companies, businesses consisted of like-minded individuals all with similar mindsets and visions. This strategy would define the culture, the work ethic and the output. Like cogs in a watch, or a steady ship, the … Read More

Renegades In Art

September 17, 2017Art History, News, THE ART WORLD

We all love renegades, characters who buck the trend. They, with the benefit of hindsight, propel history forward and break down barriers, offering new ways of thinking, seeing and doing things. Enter two – very different – artists who in the late 19th and early 20th century changed the discourse on visual culture by their … Read More

Psychology Behind Messiness: Get Messy, Creatives!

September 15, 2017CREATIVITY

When Einstein died, a journalist papped his desk, and uncovered a storm of papers, magazines, journals, unfinished chalkboard workings and other material scattered throughout his office. Quite eye-opening for a man who appeared to have the most ordered, and logical mind. The historic concept that tidy people are more successful and organised is being proven … Read More

Top Drawer: Lessons In Design For Creative Retailers

September 13, 2017DESIGN

Colours, lights, music, action: ‘Top Drawer’ indeed. A real sensory experience! Great for visitors, competitive for exhibitors…. How times have changed from the acoustically loud, clunky roadshows I started my career in. Here, the entrance felt like an exclusive high-net-worth club – all trance music, pink lighting and a black fabric tunnel (yeah that’s how … Read More

Framing At The Studio

September 13, 2017Art Practice, ARTIST NEWS, THE ART STUDIO

I’ve been so busy with a number of private and confidential commissions to undertake, and subsequent framing. It has been fun! They are now in the post or being stored for later delivery! Many of the pieces have been surprise gifts for their loved ones and so there’s an air of excitement about the final … Read More

Crafting Fabrics Through Painting

September 13, 2017Art History, THE ART WORLD

Recently a walk around the Seville Fine Art Museum ( a little known Spanish gem) showed just how ornate and sumptuous fabrics from history were. Real clothing is often lost because their fragility doesn’t stand the passage of history, so paintings from 1400’s onwards are a great realistic documentation of the beauty of fabrics which … Read More