Hi, I'm Sophie. I've painted, drawn and made things ever since I can remember, all inspired by the Caribbean tropics and the Berkshire countryside of my childhood.

Growing up in a family of artists, designers and aviators, I was surrounded by art, style and design from all corners of the globe, and it was so inspirational to me! I loved decorating and making things. I don't remember a time when I haven't painted and drawn, or made and done things for house and home. I followed my passion and studied art history and business, entering in to the world of visual communications and experiential design.

Last year I had a significant life-changing experience. It meant I needed to pause my career and my company that I had just started up. This focused my mind, and drew me back into what I've always best loved and known: creating art and design.

For the last twelve months I have focused on painting, drawing and designing, taking inspiration from the happy vibrancy of my childhood - it has helped me recuperate. It is within me to do - I can't not do it!


My style is expressive, colourful and vibrant and I punctuate my characterful portraits of pets, wildlife and people with joyful paintings. Whether commissions or personal work, I so enjoy creating works that my clients love!
I draw my inspiration from nature and I always aim to fill my works with light, energy and positivity. Wellbeing informs my work, and is central to the decisions that surround everything I do, including the artwork, styling and design that I create for my clients. I believe that our eyes are our biggest sense and that we should surround ourselves with images, objects and environments that make us happy and inspired!

Art Practice

I love exhibiting and curating, and have worked with, set up and run a number of art groups internationally - see more here. My work can be found in private and corporate collections in the UK and abroad.


I love the bold colour and vivid expression of the Fauves and Impressionists, and the pattern and form of artists such as Klimt and Schiele, Botticelli and Sassetti. As an art historian by training and nature (you can find more of my work here), I can't help but be drawn to all sorts of art, design and style.

Get In Touch

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